Disaster Recovery

Planning for disaster is a necessary insurance policy. Let Mosaic help you design, develop, and test recovery plans, including automatic, offsite data backups to a secure data centre. Our technicians have hands-on experience restoring data after ransomware attacks.

Every computer storage device ever made will fail at some point. Are you ready for the day yours does? Mosaic offers backup solutions tailored to your needs, with a focus on ensuring maximum data redundancy and uptime.

Mosaic follows the 3-2-1 Backup Rule:

  1. Have at least three copies of your important information. Data on your computer counts as one copy. You should have at least two more that are updated frequently.
  2. Store backups on at least two separate devices or types of media. For example, you might have your data stored on an external hard drive plugged into your file server, and on a Network Attached Storage device (NAS). Ransomware that infects the file server and encrypts the data will have access to the external drive, but won’t be able to encrypt a properly configured NAS.
  3. One of your three copies should be offsite. A system of alternating external hard drives, with one always offsite, can be a reliable solution but there are services that back up your important files through the Internet – reducing the headache of keeping track of the backups.